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Join fellow educators in support of the Common Core.

Hear from Other Educators

Hear from other educators about their support for the Common Core.

Why the Common Core State Standards (2 minutes, 55 seconds)

Teachers from across the country talk about why higher expectations make sense for teachers and for kids.

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The Possibilities of the Common Core State Standards (4 minutes, 1 second)

Teachers from across the country share their views about why the work of the Common Core is hard work worth doing.

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Ways you can support the Common Core beyond your school community:

  1. Join your peers in expressing support for the Common Core by signing the Letter from 10,000 Teachers.
  2. Become a Core Advocate. Join hundreds of educators supporting Common Core work in local communities across the country. Learn more.
  3. Author Core-aligned materials with your peers: learn about programs in which teachers are collaboratively developing Common Core resources.

NEA's Involvement in the Common Core

How and why NEA has been involved in the development and implementation of the Standards.

Add Your Voice

Add Your Voice: Sign Open Letter from 10,000 Teachers.

To teachers doing the hard work of educating our nation's students every day, we say: Your voices are powerful ones, and we invite teachers to speak up in support of the Common Core State Standards.

We recently began distributing a letter of support for the Common Core to educators across the country with a goal of reaching 10,000 teacher signatures. We will share this letter with educational leaders and policymakers, and your names will represent educators nationwide who believe in the potential of the Common Core to prepare all students for college and careers.

We are counting on engaged and enthusiastic Common Core supporters to reach our goal of 10,000 teachers. If you believe in the message of this letter, please click here to sign.

Thank you for adding your voice.

Letter: 10,000 Teachers in support of the Common Core State Standards.

We are a group of educators who strongly believe in the Common Core State Standards and their promise for all students. We know firsthand that implementing the Common Core is hard work, and there has been much discussion about the challenges ahead. We have signed on to this letter to ensure that, as educators working in schools every day, our voices are heard: we believe these standards are worthy of our students and worthy of our support.

The Common Core was developed in partnership with teachers—teachers who spent countless hours crafting, reviewing, and tweaking the Standards to ensure that they work for every student. The result is standards in ELA/literacy and mathematics that provide a staircase to college and career readiness, building on the best of previous state standards and based on the best evidence and research; unlike typical standards prior, these standards help teachers understand exactly what is expected of each of our students at each grade level. In math, the Common Core focuses on the core topics and skills that matter most for success in college and career, providing teachers the time to teach and students the time to practice, rather than race through standards that are a mile wide and an inch deep. In literacy, the standards are designed to ensure that all students can read rich, high quality fiction and nonfiction, and that they can speak and write clearly using evidence from these texts.

We understand the challenges ahead and the concerns of skeptics: the work of implementing these standards is not easy and it won’t be quick. But we see the Common Core as a significant step forward, and we owe it to our students to allow the time and resources necessary to fulfill their promise. Educators like us are already working hard every day to make these standards a reality in classrooms across the country. There is still so much work to be done, but we believe it is work worth doing. We are 10,000 teachers with years of collective experience in the classroom.

We are 10,000 teachers who are passionately committed to seeing our students succeed at the highest level. We are 10,000 teachers who cannot abide the status quo. And we are 10,000 teachers who support the Common Core State Standards.

Add your name to this letter to show that you believe in the Common Core State Standards and their promise for all students.

Become a Core Advocate

Student Achievement Partners invites educators like you, who are passionate about the CCSS, to join the Core Advocates online community. The Core Advocates Edmodo group provides a space for educators to share news, knowledge, and resources, foster discussions, and collaborate with colleagues on CCSS implementation.

By design, the Common Core State Standards give educators an unprecedented opportunity to work together across districts, states, and content areas to support each other, share innovative tools and develop best practices. It is this collaboration that will enable educators across the country to achieve the promise of the CCSS – to prepare all students for college and career. Let’s start working together.

To join the Core Advocate Edmodo Group
  1. Log-in to or join Edmodo
  2. Click ‘Join’ under Groups in the left-hand sidebar
  3. Enter the code “4q66q6”

Once a member, we encourage you to add your voice and then share what you learn with colleagues in your school, district, and state.

Help Create Aligned Materials

Collaborative projects authoring Common Core resources

The Basal Alignment Project: Grade 3-5 Literacy

Offers: 300+ collaboratively-authored lesson revisions for common 3rd-5th grade Basal reading series. Learn more.

The majority of the lesson revisions are now complete, but if your school or district would be interested in supporting this effort, we encourage you to join our Group and contact the Group Owner (Mrs. Liben) for information.

The Anthology Alignment Project: Grade 6-10 Literacy

Offers: collaboratively-authored lesson revisions for common literary Anthologies (6th-10th grades). Learn more.

The lesson revisions are being authored in spring and summer of 2013. If your school or district would be interested in helping to author these new AAP resources, we welcome your help! Please join our Group for information on participating.

The Illustrative Mathematics Project: K-12 Math

Offers: collaboratively-authored sample problems and performance tasks, aligned with the math Standards. Learn more.

The Project offers a number of ways that educators can get involved in submitting and refining these materials.