• LA Core Advocates

    The Louisiana Core Advocate mission is to provide support for educators across the state as they implement the standards in their practice. Through collaboration with the state department, Core Advocates support teachers in implementing quality, aligned instructional materials. Many Core Advocates serve as Louisiana Teacher Leaders and Teacher Leader Advisors, working in conjunction with the Louisiana Department of Education to create, vet, and implement materials aligned to the standards.

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  • Core Advocates know

    True professional learning communities begin with dialogue and practice within the environment sought for change. Engaging in the material shift in both Math and Literacy has proven to increase levels of comprehension and retention in grades K-12. Continuing this motivational work among peers nationwide will continue to bring trending tips and strategies for use by our teachers.

  • Who We Are

    Amy Deslattes is the Louisiana State Captain. Amy has been teaching English/Language Arts for nineteen years and received National Board Certification in ELA/AYA in 2010.  In 2011, she was one of two high school teachers asked to serve on the Remedial Education Commission in partnership with the Louisiana Board of Regents and the Louisiana Department of Education to offer recommendations regarding student performance gaps between K-12 education and secondary institutions. She has served as a member of the Louisiana Teacher Advisory Council for four years and co-authored the twelfth grade ELA scope and sequence and unit one plans found in the Louisiana Teacher Support Toolbox on LouisianaBelieves.com. She has also been involved in Teacher Leader trainings as part of the Louisiana Believes initiative to prepare teachers across the state for instructional shifts necessary to help Louisiana school children become college and career ready by the time they graduate high school.  Amy currently works at Lafayette High School in Lafayette, Louisiana as Assistant Principal.

    Lauren Trahan is the leader of the literacy team in Louisiana. A veteran teacher of ten years, Louisiana Teacher Leader Advisor, and LA Core Advocate, Trahan has a passion for all things ELA and is a proponent of growing and stretching as an instructor of relevant and applicable reading and writing. She is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and is certified fourth through twelfth grade. Lauren has enjoyed teaching all grades within that band, but particularly enjoys  teaching 10th grade. She is currently the tenth grade ELA instructor at Erath High School in Erath, Louisiana.

    Jessica Hunter is the leader of the math team in Louisiana. Jessica has been teaching high school mathematics for eight years in Northeast Louisiana. Jessica has been a Core Advocate since November of 2013. She is also the current high school mathematics liaison for  Northeast Louisiana Teachers of Math (NELATM). She has completed instructional material reviews for the Louisiana Department of Education, Student Achievement Partners, and Edreports.org. Jessica is a current Teacher Leader for her school and prior Teacher Leader Advisor. She is in the process of completing her dissertation for a Doctorate in Educational Leadership at Louisiana Tech University.  Jessica is a Geometry teacher at Sterlington High School in Sterlington.