• NY Core Advocates

    The New York Core Advocates are a group of passionate educators from across our diverse state who are committed to providing the highest quality education for our students. We believe that by working together and supporting each other, we can deliver excellent standards-based instruction that helps students in all settings achieve.

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  • What we do

    Our Professional Learning Community works to improve instructional practice through ongoing professional development and collaborative learning. Our ELA team focuses on meaningful use of complex text; reading, writing and speaking grounded in evidence; and building knowledge through rich nonfiction. Our math team strives to provide instruction to students that demonstrate focus, coherence, and rigor. 

    We as NY Core Advocates recognize the diversity of our state and want to learn with and collaborate with educators and leaders around our state to meet the diverse needs of our students. To achieve this we aim to:

    • Understand the importance of complex texts and how incorporating them into a text set will not only improve students’ vocabulary and content knowledge, but overall reading ability
    • Understand the coherence map and how understanding the connections of the standards between grades improves student performance.
  • Core Advocate Spotlight

    NY Core Advocates are currently working on understanding the impact of using complex texts, especially in text sets that can be teacher created and using the coherence map to understand the connections of the math standards. See below our Spotlights of Core Advocates taking what they learn and doing it in the field!

    Tori Filler is a 1st grade teacher and grade team lead at Exceed Charter School in Brooklyn, NY. After attending the NY Core Advocates Catalyst convening in October, she has been working with her school-based team to use more text sets in the classroom. She has utilized existing text sets from the Text Set Project in guided reading instruction and has even created a few of her own sets using the guidelines on Achieve the Core! Tori has been amazed at the vocabulary and content knowledge growth in her students. Her team has also implemented more topic-based book baskets for independent reading, which has helped to increase student engagement for all students, and in particular for struggling readers.

    Rachael Pietrocola is a 5th grade humanities teacher at Harlem Link Charter School. She is also connected with the Schenectady Boy’s and Girl’s Club and runs a summer basketball program there. She has been using the academic word finder to help her find grade level appropriate vocabulary words to teach in her small reading groups. It has been such a valuable resource in helping her understand and identify which words need to be taught in 5th grade!

    Shauntay Hallett is the 3rd grade Lead Teacher for Math and Science at Brooklyn Charter School. Recently, she has created a presentation for her students that demonstrated how important and in-depth the Common Core State Standards are. Students are eager to see how all the standards are connected across all grades. Using the Coherence Map in the classroom has been a valuable tool that has allowed extra resources for her students and their families. She is excited to see how these resources will help the school close the achievement gap.   

  • Leadership Team

    Carolyn Glicklich, New York’s State Captain: Carolyn is currently a Middle School Learning Specialist in New York City, but has also been a special education teacher and coordinator in Boston, as well as a third grade classroom teacher in Harlem. Carolyn has been passionate about learning as much as possible about the Common Core since it was adopted. In addition to her work with Student Achievement Partners, which started in 2014, Carolyn has also worked with The Achievement Network on editing their math assessments and with EdReports in reviewing ELA Curriculum.

    Leadership Team: Megan Cook, Kris Cole, Elizabeth Dellabadia, Tori Filler, Jennifer Hanno, Michelle Helmer, Jennifer Mayne, Jody Popple, Chelsey Tubbs