• AZ Core Advocates

    If you would like to participate in this work, please consider:

    • requesting information by emailing us at AZCoreAdvocates@studentsachieve.net
    • joining a webinar with the National Core Advocates
    • taking the Core Advocates survey to engage in the state and national level of Core Advocates work
  • ELA/Literacy Campaign

    The Arizona ELA/Literacy campaign supports teachers by building knowledge and strategies that identify, analyze, and create quality questions and tasks to support students in accessing complex text. There are four initiatives within this campaign:

    1.  Teachers understand the criteria for quality questions and tasks, and evaluate those in their local curriculum for alignment to these criteria.
    2. Teachers identify and develop quality questions and tasks for existing curricular resources.
    3. Teachers share quality questions and tasks with colleagues throughout the network.
    4. Teachers analyze local (classroom, school, district, state) assessments for quality questions and tasks.
  • Mathematics Campaign

    The Arizona Mathematics campaign helps teachers understand and apply the concepts of Focus and Coherence in the Standards to support student needs across the spectrum of performance. There are three initiatives within this campaign:

    1. Teachers are familiar with and connect instruction to the Standards’ Progression Toward Algebra, and how concepts build and are developed K-Algebra.
    2. Teachers identify within- and across-grade connections in mathematics and make those connections explicit as they plan units and lessons.
    3. Students can verbalize connections between the math concepts they are learning and concepts they previously learned.
  • Content Leads

    Our ELA/Literacy campaign is led by Dayna Burke, 1st grade teacher in Sahuarita Unified Schools.

    Our Mathematics campaign is led by Misha Quarles Freeman, Professional Development Coordinator in the Avondale School District.

  • Hear from AZ Core Advocates

     “Being a part of the Core Advocate/Catalyst program has positively affected my teaching in numerous ways. I have a more thorough understanding of the standards and the shifts in both ELA and Math which in turn helps me to more efficiently teach them to my students. I was lucky enough to have multiple teachers within my district attend to attend the kick off convening and we have been able to implement many of the shifts together. We have focused on text-dependent questions, using richer vocabulary and raising the rigor in our instruction. Collaborating and working with other educators around my state has also helped motivate me and push me to really reflect on my teaching and has been great for presenting and receiving new ideas. It has truly been an enlightening and wonderful experience!” ~ Kelsey Baker, 1st grade teacher, Sahuarita Unified Schools

  • Meet the State Captain

    Kristie Martorelli, 2012 AZ Teacher of the Year, is an Arizona native, ASU graduate and the daughter of Arizona small business owners. She has worked in public education for over 15 years, having taught kindergarten and third grade, and having held the roles of reading coach/interventionist and professional development coordinator for the Dysart Unified School District. She has obtained her Master's degrees in educational administration and supervision as well as curriculum and instruction with reading specialist and ESL endorsements. She is currently pursuing her EdD in Higher and Postsecondary Education with a dissertation focused on the role that higher education can play on teacher retention and recruitment in the K-12 arena. Northern Arizona University awarded her an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters for her service as a state and national trainer and advocate for teacher leadership.  These are the areas in which Kristie is most passionate, which is evidenced in her partnership with many state and national organizations, including serving as a Teacher Advisory Council member and Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teachers and Teaching (ECET2) Team Lead with the Gates Foundation, the Arizona Core Advocate Lead with Student Achievement Partners, a member of the Teacher Solutions Team and Board of Directors for the Arizona K12 Center, member of the Public Engagement Taskforce with Expect More Arizona and the College and Career Readiness Taskforce for the US Dept of Education Center for Great Teachers and Leaders.