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The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln

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Grade 9
Relevant for grades 9-10
  • 29-pg doc
  • sample lesson
  • nonfiction

Why it matters: These exemplar lessons, created by and for teachers, provide clear demonstrations of the CCSS approach to close reading with text-dependent questions.

The sample lessons and assessments include: 

  • Readings with teacher and student instructions
  • Text dependent questions
  • Student discussion activities
  • Vocabulary and syntax tasks for challenging words and phrases
  • Writing-based formative assessments
  • Fiction and nonfiction lessons and assessment questions*
  • Annotations for teachers

*Not all sample lessons have assessment questions.

Supplemental Resources

The Importance of Good Questions

David Coleman, President and CEO of the College Board, uses the Gettysburg Address to illustrate the importance of pairing good texts with good questions. Six minute video selection.

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Lesson Video: The Lottery

9th grade lesson by Core Advocate Kaycee Eckhardt. Sixteen minute video from America Achieves video library.

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Official website of the Common Core State Standards Initiative

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Short Guide to Creating Text-Dependent Questions

Seven simple steps to create your own questions for close analytic reading.

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Text Complexity Collection

Includes tools for selecting texts that meet the complexity and quality demands of the CCSS.

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