Centering Black Brilliance through Adapting Standards-Aligned Instructional Materials

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Are you interested in engaging with other educators around centering Black students’ brilliance, histories, identities, and cultures in the classroom? Are you looking to move from learning about culturally relevant pedagogy to putting that knowledge into action? Do you have college- and career-ready standards-aligned instructional materials, but know they aren’t enough? Wherever you are at in your journey toward creating more equitable learning spaces for all students, we welcome you to join us in a pilot of a new seminar workshop this July, leveraging the scholarship of Dr. Gholdy Muhammad and hosted by Student Achievement Partners.

The series will include four sessions, one each week of July, with pre-work (30 minutes to an hour) between sessions. Due to the small group structure and collaborative nature of this working seminar, all participants are required to attend all four live sessions. To preview each session and meet the facilitators, explore the course booklet

Note: During this seminar, we will only be using open and publicly available information to learn about the big ideas of the Historically Responsive Literacy (HRL)  framework. While purchasing of the Cultivating Genius text isn't required for this seminar, it will certainly enrich your experience.

SESSION 1:  Why This Work and the HRL Framework?

  • How does your identity, and the identities of the students you serve, impact the work ahead?
  • How can Dr. Gholdy Muhammad’s framework for HRL be used to “cultivate the genius within students...and teach in ways that create spaces for mutual empowerment, confidence and reliance”?

SESSION 2:  Analyzing Your Instructional Materials

  • How do your current instructional materials and anchor texts support or not support the goals Culturally and Historically Responsive Literacy (Muhammad)?  

SESSION 3:  Designing Materials Adapatations with the HRL Framework

  • Based on your analysis using the HRL framework, what adaptations can you make to your materials in order to support identity development, skill development, intellectualism, and criticality?

SESSION 4:  Refining and the Work Ahead

  • What feedback do your colleagues have on your prototype?
  • How can you continue this work in your school community?

If you’re accessing this page on a mobile device, registration for the seminars is available under “files.”