Learning New Tricks

How veteran teachers are thriving in this shifting educational landscape

What’s in a name?

Undoing a deficit framing of our English learners
Part 3

A Stroke of Genius

Implementing culturally responsive teaching
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Tidying Up

Instructional Routines for Whole-Class Reading and Writing
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Top Posts of 2019

Read the most popular posts of the year!
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For the Love of Learning

How a focus on building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction can enrich ELA instruction and engage learners
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2019 Blog Contest

Creating Equity in the Classroom
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Connecting the Dots

Making a Match Between Assessment Texts and Materials in ELA
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Top Blog Posts of 2018

Here are our top 25 most-visited posts of 2018.
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We’re Bullish on Bookworms

A reflection on the free Bookworms ELA curriculum for K-5
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Effective Reading Instruction

Why a text-centered approach, instead of a strategies-based approach, is more effective
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A Visit to Monticello-Brown Summit Elementary School

Though this literacy program uses leveled readers, it focuses on building knowledge through topic-based units and ensures students are not limited to a single reading level