Materials Adaptation, Standards-Alignment Information, Tools and Resources
Part 5 of The Standards for Mathematical Practice

Putting the Math Practices into Practice

A K-12 math team collaborated in creating tools about the practices to enhance understanding and planning

These documents were created to provide clarity to our teachers at all levels about the purpose and structure of the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMPs). We recognized that most teachers were focusing on the content standards and needed extra support concerning the math practices. First we created a document (attached below) that summarized the main points of each practice into digestible pieces along with guiding questions to either look for in existing materials or integrate into instruction to encourage each specific practice.

SMP Table QuestionsDocument created by the authors to help teachers recognize questions that signal practice with the SMPs.

The second document (attached below) provided more detail about the characteristics of the task as well as the teacher actions necessary to support the practice.

SMP ImplementationA page from the document created by the authors to help them implement the SMPs in the classroom.

Our hope is that educators will be able to utilize these documents as planning and reflective tools on their journey in providing thoughtful learning activities for all students.

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