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  • Who We Are

    Student Achievement Partners is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping teachers and school leaders implement high-quality, college- and career-ready standards. We believe that challenging academic standards are the foundation for improved student outcomes, but that standards alone are not enough. Students will only make dramatic gains in achievement if instructional materials, assessments, and classroom practices are true to the expectations of high-quality, college- and career-ready standards.

    Our work is grounded in research and evidence, and we are committed to sharing standards-aligned tools and practices freely with educators across the country. This site offers hundreds of math and literacy instructional resources for teachers and school leaders. We invite you to explore these materials, sign up for our newsletter, and become part of a dynamic network committed to raising student achievement in schools across the country.

  • Our Principles

    We hold no right to intellectual property.

    Our goal is to create and disseminate high quality materials as widely as possible. All resources that Student Achievement Partners creates are open source and available at no cost. We encourage states, districts, schools, and teachers to take our resources and make them their own.

    We do not accept fees from publishers.

    We work with states and districts to obtain the best materials for teachers and students. We are able to independently advise our partners because we have no financial interests with any publisher of educational materials. Student Achievement Partners’ independence is essential to our work.

  • Our History

    Student Achievement Partners was founded by David Coleman, Susan Pimentel, and Jason Zimba and became a 501c3 nonprofit in November 2011. The founders were all lead writers of the Common Core State Standards in ELA/literacy and mathematics. They formed Student Achievement Partners to address the ongoing need for practical, evidence-based, support for teachers and school leaders making game-changing shifts to align their instructional materials, assessments, and practice to college- and career-ready standards.

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    We are able to respond to inquiries more efficiently through email. To contact Student Achievement Partners with questions regarding the Standards or any content found on achievethecore.org, we recommend emailing us at info@studentsachieve.net.

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    75 Broad Street
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    For general inquires about Student Achievement Partners, you can reach us at 212-510-8533.