• About Us

  • What We Believe

    Academic standards are a promise of equity. When every student is expected to learn rich content, and is supported every day in doing so from kindergarten to high school graduation, we deliver on that promise.

    We believe that a transformative education is not a luxury reserved only for some. We believe that educating every single student in the richly complex disciplines of literacy and mathematics not only safeguards democracy, but cultivates it further.

    This is not the current reality for most students. And a devastating amount of evidence tells us the distance between vision and reality is even greater for students who live in poverty or are of color. We are convinced there is much work still to do.

  • What We Do

    Student Achievement Partners is a nonprofit dedicated to improving student achievement.

    Our central priority is to significantly impact literacy and mathematics outcomes for K-12 students nationally, with a particular focus on accelerating academic progress for students who face barriers of racism or poverty.

    We serve as an advisor to educators around the nation as they align content and instruction to academic standards in literacy and mathematics. We focus on increasing the availability of high-quality, standards-aligned instructional resources; increasing awareness and selection of those resources by educators; and building the capacity of educators to align instruction for all students to challenging standards.

    Our day-to-day work supports all facets of coherent, content-focused instructional systems that reflect the latest research on what works for raising student achievement.

    We support individual classroom teachers, districts, states, partner organizations, publishers, and many others to provide students with the rigorous academic experience they deserve.

  • How We Work

    We strive to maximize both the influence and impact of our work by adhering to the following principles:

    Student Achievement Partners holds no right to intellectual property.

    Our goal is to create and disseminate high quality materials as widely as possible. All resources that Student Achievement Partners creates are open source and available at no cost. We encourage states, districts, schools, and teachers to take our resources and make them their own.

    Student Achievement Partners does not accept fees from publishers.

    We are able to advise our partners, states, districts, and others seeking to create and obtain the best materials for teachers and students because we have no financial interests with any publisher of educational materials. Student Achievement Partners’ independence is essential to our work.

  • Our History

    Student Achievement Partners was founded by David Coleman, Susan Pimentel, and Jason Zimba, lead writers of the Common Core State Standards in literacy and mathematics.

    The founding partners formed the organization to address the need for practical, evidence-based support for teachers and school leaders making game-changing shifts to align their instructional materials, assessments, and practice to college- and career-ready standards. Student Achievement Partners became a 501c3 nonprofit in November 2011.

    We are committed to sharing standards-aligned resources freely with educators, and this website offers hundreds of classroom resources. We invite you to use these materials, sign up for our newsletter, and join us and thousands of educators across the country in this work.

  • Our Team