• 2015-03-17 | Student Achievement Partners

    New Teaching the Core Video Library Created

    Student Achievement Partners is delighted to announce the launch of the Teaching the Core Video Library, a project supported by the Danielson Group and funded by The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust. Created by educators, the library is a free, easily searchable database of bell-to-bell lessons that are annotated to highlight exemplary Common Core-aligned instructional actions.

    • 2015-01-08 | Tools for the Common Core Standards

    Jason Zimba: The Common Core and Different Instructional Approaches

    Jason Zimba, one of the lead writers of the Common Core and co-founder of SAP, has written a blog post entitled: When the Standard Algorithm Is the Only Algorithm Taught. The blog addresses the relationship between the Common Core and pedagogy, specifically looking at the way in which the Standards allow for different instructional approaches.

    • 2015-01-08 | National Center On Education and the Economy/Education Week

    Gene Wilhoit interviewed about the Common Core

    SAP Partner and former executive director of the Council of Chief State School Officers Gene Wilhoit was interviewed about the Common Core development process. He also shared his thoughts about the future of the standards and the importance of high-quality, curriculum design to support implementation efforts. The full text of interview can be read here.

    • 2014-12-29 | Hechinger Report/NPR

    The Man Behind Common Core Math

    Jason Zimba, one of the lead writers of the Common Core and co-founder of SAP, was profiled by The Hechinger Report and NPR. The piece provides an in-depth look at Jason’s background, his role in developing the standards and his work today supporting Common Core implementation.

    • 2014-12-11 | New England Journal of Public Policy

    Common Core lead writer and SAP co-founder Jason Zimba publishes article in NEJPP

    Jason Zimba, one of the lead writers of the Common Core math standards and a co-founder of SAP, has published an article: The Development and Design of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics in the New England Journal of Public Policy.

    • 2014-09-24 | Fordham Institute Common Core Watch

    Thomas B. Fordham Institute Article Explains the Flaws behind Leveled Reading Research

    Student Achievement Partners’ Senior Content Specialist David Liben is featured in this article outlining the flaws behind the leveled reading approach to literacy instruction. It includes links to more recent research showing the benefits of complex, grade level appropriate texts to build knowledge and literacy skills.

    • 2014-05-22 | Helmsley Charitable Trust

    Teachers Leading the Work – New Video from the Helmsley Charitable Trust

    The Helmsley Charitable Trust released a powerful new video this week illustrating what the Common Core State Standards mean for America’s classrooms. Teachers, students and Student Achievement Partners’ Director of Field Impact, Sandra Alberti, share their views on the impact of higher standards. You’ll see evidence that teachers and students are raising their expectations and relishing the challenges. First grader Alyssa sums it up: “When you want to give up, that means you’re having productive struggle and you learn new stuff. And that’s great.”

    • 2014-05-09 | Student Achievement Partners

    A Path Forward from Disappointing 12th Grade NAEP Reading Scores

    The 2013 results of American 12 graders on the reading portion of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) are troubling, but they do more than highlight our educational weaknesses. They point to actions that are needed to improve student achievement.

    • 2013-12-11 | Student Achievement Partners

    Lead Writer of the Common Core State Standards Offers Recommendations Based on PISA Analysis

    Jason Zimba, a lead writer of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and a founding partner of Student Achievement Partners, today offered recommendations based on his analysis of items from the most recent PISA exam.

    • 2013-10-29 | PR Newswire

    Predominant Teacher Evaluation Program Will Reflect New Common Core State Standards

    Helmsley Charitable Trust makes a $3 million grant to align Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching to the Common Core State Standards. “The project will include a field study of the FfT and the CCSS Instructional Practice Guides, a new set of tools developed by Student Achievement Partners… to support teachers in making the instructional shifts called for by the CCSS.”

    • 2013-10-23 | Courier Journal

    Common Core Standards researcher visits JCPS, Louisville

    Senior ELA/Literacy Specialist David Liben visits Jefferson County Public Schools in Kentucky to see how the Common Core is being implemented in the classroom.

    • 2013-10-06 | Boston Globe

    A Discussion about the new Standards in Massachusetts

    Common Core State Standards lead writers Sue Pimentel and Jason Zimba discuss implementation of the Standards in the Boston Globe.

    • 2013-09-09 | Mind/Shift

    How Educators Can Address Parents' Confusion about Common Core

    Math Director Beth Cocuzza shares ideas for teachers working to help parents understand the Common Core.

    • 2013-09-04 | The Advocate

    Teachers Feel Urgency of Common Core Standards

    The first in an occasional series looking at how Belle Chasse Primary School is adjusting to the Common Core standards that are reshaping teaching in classrooms throughout Louisiana.

    • 2013-08-09 | Fordham Institute Common Core Watch

    What I Learned

    Jason Zimba outlines learnings his recent testimony on behalf of the Common Core State Standards in Indiana.

    • 2013-08-07 | Fordham Institute Common Core Watch

    Critics’ math doesn’t add up

    Jason Zimba refutes recent misreadings of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics.

    • 2013-04-30 | Chicago Daily Herald

    Educators gather for Common Core training

    Coverage of the Advance Illinois forum, where Sandra Alberti and others spoke regarding Common Core implementation.

    • 2013-04-09 | Education Week

    Math 'Publishers' Criteria' Aim to Guide Common-Core Materials

    EdWeek offers a comprehensive breakdown of the new High School Publishers' Criteria and highlights of the K-8 updates.

    • 2013-01-30 | Education Week

    Interpretations Differ on Common Core's Nonfiction Rule

    Susan Pimentel comments on the importance of fiction: "We expect that in most ELA classrooms, literature is likely to account for the great majority of reading."

    • 2013-01-30 | Education Week

    Teachers Mine 'Text Dependent' Questions For Basal Readers

    "When the Basal Alignment Project was beginning, how far it would reach was anyone's guess... It seems that this project has gotten some legs."

    • 2013-01-29 | Student Achievement Partners

    Gene Wilhoit Joins Student Achievement Partners as Partner

    "Gene Wilhoit, who helped spearhead the historic state-led effort to develop the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for K-12 education, has joined Jason Zimba and Susan Pimentel as a partner at the nonprofit Student Achievement Partners (SAP), the organization announced today."

    • 2012-12-17 | Student Achievement Partners

    Helmsley Charitable Trust Makes $11 Million Grant to Engage Teachers Across the Country in Meeting New College and Career Ready Standards

    "The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust today announced an expansion of its commitment to students and teachers, with an investment of $11 million over a three year period to engage teachers to develop the tools they need to help students meet the expectations of the new college and career-ready academic standards." quality tools that will assist them in making fundamental shifts required in practice. The Helmsley Charitable Trust's grant will make Common Core aligned tools and resources available for free in partnership with teachers unions."