Asia Franks

Asia Franks is currently a Ph.D. student at Fordham University, studying Innovation in Curriculum and Instruction.  Within the last decade, Asia has been one of the most passionate middle and high school mathematics teachers, instructional coaches, and Assistant Principals at the Urban Assembly School for Applied Mathematics and Science in the South Bronx. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with a minor in Mathematics from Temple University, a master’s degree in Mathematics Education from Teachers College, and a graduate degree in School Leadership from Baruch College. Asia is also an Adjunct Professor at the Relay Graduate School for Education in New York City, a mathematics advisor for the Institute for Anti-Racist Education, and a proud business owner of CFU Tutors. She has proven herself to be a highly effective educator with rigorous instruction that engages students and inculcates positive math identities amongst them. Her lifelong mission is to change teacher beliefs about how students learn math and coach teachers to create more equitable and empowering spaces for students.

Asia Franks is a co-author of the 2020–21 Support for Instructional Content Prioritization in High School Mathematics.