Knowledge-Building Resources for Middle and High School Development Team

A high-leverage, evidence-based strategy to support students in accessing a complex text is to anchor that texts in a conceptually coherent set of resources that build needed knowledge and vocabulary. This work is particularly critical for students not yet reading at grade level. These educators co-developed the knowledge-building resources for middle and high school found here

  • Jenni Alberti, High School ELA Instructional Lead / Louisville, KY
  • Elizabeth Angell, Middle School ESL and Special Education Specialist / Boston, MA
  • Ashley Behrens, High School ELA Teacher / Philadelphia, PA
  • Arthur Everett, High School Social Studies Teacher / Brooklyn, NY
  • Jennifer McPartland, K-12 Curriculum Facilitator /  East Bridgewater, MA
  • Lauren Trahan, Assistant Principal / Abbeville, LA