Crystal Watson

Middle School Math Educator and Instructional Coach

The work I do:  Middle school mathematics educator and instructional coach. My work is centered around providing space for student voice and identity development in order for all to experience high quality, deep, and personal mathematics.

My connection to the work of Student Achievement Partners: I have been a consistent user of the educator resources provided by SAP via Achieve The Core. Most recently, I have partnered with SAP on multiple projects including co-designing Dismantling Racism in Mathematics and Middle School Mathematics Tasks.

The perspective I bring to the Educator Advisory Board: My love for learning stems from a deep curiosity to know and understand the most complex parts of our humanity. My experience as a mother makes equity personal. My work and expertise centers on student voice and experiences. An emphasis on mathematical and personal identity, student-driven improvement science techniques in the classroom, and large system improvement influenced by real-world experiences guide my approach. As a career changer, I bring 10+ years of management and leadership to my practice of teaching and learning alongside colleagues and our students.