Lynn-Marie Conrad



The Work I Do: I work as a teacher in the urban area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Currently I’m also on the textbook adoption for reading and science for our school district, in which we are looking for curriculum that represents our students.  

My connection to the work of Student Achievement Partners: My teaching has always been devoted to growing my student’s intellectual, analytical, and academic ability to provide them with as many alternatives in their lives as possible that will impact them in their everyday lives and not in the educational system. I try to bring equity, antiracism, and representation into my class by educating myself and my students and well as the other teachers I work with.

The perspective I bring to the Educator Advisory Board: Recognizing and appreciating the diverse collection of identities, experiences, perspectives, and abilities of students, staff, and community partners with whom I collaborate with, I am committed to enriching academic experiences through the advancement of diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-racist, and anti-oppressive practices.