Corey Nagle

High School Teacher


The work I do: I am a high school science teacher in Bristol, Connecticut. I primarily teach Grade 9 science and support English Learners with their mainstream science courses. I also teach one section of the AVID elective at my school. Outside of the classroom, I am involved in the community advising several after school clubs focused on social justice, diversity, and future teachers and by serving on the City of Bristol Youth Commission.

My connection to the work of Student Achievement Partners: A good friend and colleague has shared the work and resources of Student Achievement Partners with me as I work to incorporate equity, math, and literacy into my science teaching. The shift of SAP to focus on meeting the needs of all learners parallels my efforts in the classroom. This focus on equity and changing practice was a key point that has engaged me in learning more about the organization and which led to the opportunity to serve on the Educator Advisory Board.

The perspective I bring to the Educator Advisory Board: I am a practicing, reflective teacher with the goal of better serving all of my students. Even though I do not look like all of my students, I am committed to continually learning to overcome my biases in order to be responsive to my students. I bring my perspectives from my personal journey to the work on the Educator Advisory Board.