Raven Redmond

Instructional Facilitator


The work I do: I am an elementary educator in Memphis, Tennessee. I've spent the last six years serving in the South Memphis community in many capacities. I've recently taken on the role of an Instructional Facilitator who assists teachers in planning and executing quality and effective instruction. I perform multiple duties that support academic achievement, but most importantly the success of the whole child. I've written for several math curricula and enjoy thinking of new ways to help students be more successful. I served as a Tennessee Education Leader Summer Fellow in 2020 where I served in the Mathematics department. I'm currently continuing my work with the Tennessee Department of Education working on various math projects. I have a BS in Biology from Middle Tennessee State University, and a Masters of Arts in Teaching from Relay Graduate School of Education. 

My connection to the work of Student Achievement Partners: I've worked on several math projects with Student Achievement Partners. As a teacher, there are so many resources that have added to my effectiveness in the classroom and the success of my students. Student Achievement Partners' commitment to acknowledging the experiences of Black students and students who are English Learners and making active changes to help them succeed is necessary. The change that is to come and will have a positive impact on Black Students is why I do this work every single day. Every student, especially black students and English learners deserve quality education and access to anything that they want to achieve. I'm honored to work with such a diversified board with a common goal of acknowledging real issues, making changes, creating resources, and contributing to the advancement of education. 

The perspective I bring to the Educator Advisory Board: I love all things math and I want to spread the love! I bring my math expertise and experience of working in schools where Black students and English Learners are the majority population. Teacher success is one of my long term goals. As a young educator who gets to see education from many perspectives including recently being a student myself, I'm dedicated to seeing and contributing to education's continued evolution. I believe in quality education and equity for all students.