Zachary Chan

3rd Grade Reading Teacher


The work I do: I am currently a 3rd grade reading teacher at Young Women’s Leadership Academy Primary in the San Antonio Independent School District. In the past, I have worked with predominantly English Language Learners in Title-1 schools through a dual language program unique to our district in San Antonio, Texas. Fostering a love for reading has always been a goal of mine and I always try my best to make learning fun and exciting!

My connection to the work of Student Achievement Partners: I first came to know of Student Achievement Partners through a pilot of their Early Reading Accelerators program at my school. Although I was hesitant at first, I found the methodology taught by Student Achievement Partners was extremely effective. While implementing their strategies, I observed how my instruction was reaching all of my students, not just the high achievers. This was certainly an eye-opener for me and a “spark” that motivated me to learn more.

The perspective I bring to the Educator Advisory Board: With 10 years of experience in bilingual and dual language education, I have seen many of the program changes and adjustments that the bilingual community has gone through. I hope to shed light on an often forgotten and misunderstood student population, and give them a voice on all levels of education leadership.