Jacquay Durant

Program Specialist


The work I do: I am a Program Specialist in the San Bernardino City Unified School District. I develop curriculum for English/Language Arts grades 9-12 in collaboration with my district’s teachers. We actively work to offer curriculum that is responsive, relevant and inclusive of voices and perspectives that have been historically underappreciated. I also coach and support my ELA teachers in the classroom.

My connection to the work of Student Achievement Partners: It is my intent to dismantle mindsets that perpetuate systems of oppression. My connection to Student Achievement Partners is that I am a learner and educator who wants to create systems that are inclusive and reflective of our diverse communities.

The perspective I bring to the Educator Advisory Board: I bring the perspective of a Black, female educator who has worked and taught in a large, urban community of color. I also bring the perspective of an educator who does not have the answers, but wants to learn, grow, and collaborate with others in the dismantling and disrupting of systems that only work for some and not all.