Harold Asturias

Board Member

he, his, él

The work I do: I have worked for the University of California for almost 30 years and the last 17 of those years at The Lawrence Hall of Science, the science center at the University of California, Berkeley. My work has centered on designing and implementing a wide range of programs all focused on equity in mathematics education. Our mission, to inspire and engage through scientific discovery and learning in ways that advance equity and opportunity, guides the programs we design and offer. We provide professional learning experiences, coaching, and technical assistance to preK-12 teachers and their leaders in creating a powerful, equitable, and coherent learning experience for their students. Most recently we have focused on maintaining a dual focus on mathematics understanding and equity, supporting the development of students’ positive mathematical identity, and addressing the racial and social injustices pervasive in our educational systems.  

My connection to the work of Student Achievement Partners: I am currently working on the design and development of the Math Milestones—a carefully crafted set of tasks that embody the mathematics of each grade, K-8. Each grade’s tasks are a visualization of the grade-level standards in the language of teachers and students. Understanding the grade-level expectations in the language of the classroom is an essential part of providing students with access to the content they are learning. That is why I believe this is such an important project, a key member of the family of SAP programs, and integral to the mission and vision of SAP. I accepted the invitation to become a member of the SAP Board because I believe that SAP’s portfolio of programs includes many initiatives consistent with my own mission. 

The perspective I bring to this Board: I bring with me my commitment to improving education for students, particularly those traditionally marginalized. My focus on the interconnectedness among equity, social justice, and language development in the learning of mathematics is an asset I will bring to the board. My own experiences as an English learner navigating our biased educational systems will add a personal dimension to my role as a Board member.