Martin Green

Board Member

The work I do: I serve as the General Manager for LiberatED Way powered by AUSL, a community-driven school transformation partner that works with schools and districts in 8 cities and impacts over 50,000 students annually. Prior to LiberatED Way, I led an array of strategic teaching and learning priorities at Tulsa Public Schools. Key projects included the design and implementation of the Tulsa Way for Teaching & Learning and associated teacher development roadmap, revamping the district’s novice teacher experience, redesigning report cards to drive more meaningful engagement with students and families in their academic and social-emotional learning progress, and implementing the district’s first learning management system. Prior to my work at Tulsa Public Schools, I was a Manager at Deloitte Consulting, leading projects across a variety of industries including higher education. I am a proud graduate of the Broad Residency in Urban Education, received my MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, and graduated with a BA in Comparative Literature from Williams College.  

My connection to the work of Student Achievement Partners: I am a deep believer in the boundless potential that every young person brings to the table and I carry with me a feeling of great responsibility to help ensure the educational systems our young people encounter continue to be reshaped to unlock potential rather than hinder it. I am excited to be a part of the Student Achievement Partners mission and journey because of the work SAP has done and continues to do to raise the bar for student opportunity across our country.

 The perspective I bring: I hope to bring a unique mix of skills and perspectives to the SAP board. I have been fortunate to lead strategic change efforts to improve teaching and learning in Tulsa, consult for Fortune 500 companies at Deloitte, and bring my K-12 education industry and business knowledge to bear in my most recent role leading the development and growth of Academy for Urban School Leadership's national advisory services arm (LiberatED Way), partnering with schools and districts around the country with community-driven whole school transformation. As SAP continues to refine and adapt its model and approach, I look forward to sharing my evolving learnings and serving as a critical thought partner in support of SAP's mission.