Dr. Jason Zimba

Founding Partner of SAP and Cofounder and CEO of Math Milestones, LLC/Board Member


What I Work On: Mathematics education

Why I Work Here: I'm devoted to our work of empowering educators to improve mathematics achievement and strengthen mathematical identity among diverse communities of Black students, English learners, and students in poverty.

More About Me: I was a lead author of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics; before that, I was a professor and researcher working in astronomy, astrophysics, theoretical physics, philosophy of science, and pure mathematics. Over the years I've taught math and physics to university students, high school students, and incarcerated adults. In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing, driving, and cooking.

A Quote That Inspires Me: "Education is transformative or it isn't happening." ― Elizabeth Coleman

The Perspective I bring to the Board: As a product of the public schools from Kindergarten to my high school graduation, and as a first-generation college student from a poor background, the central fact of my own life has been liberation through education. I work in education because I want that for others.