• Professional Development

    Ready-to-use modules include powerpoints, facilitator's instructions, and hands-on activities with all the necessary resources.

  • Access Monthly Webinars

    The Core Advocate network hosts monthly webinars on a variety of issues related to the Common Core and College and Career Ready Standards.

  • Create Aligned Lessons

    Guidance for developing aligned lessons in ELA/literacy.

  • Identify Aligned Curricula using the Instructional Material Evaluation Tool

    Guidance for setting up and conducting a textbook review.

  • Observe Aligned Instruction using the Instructional Practice Guide

    Learn how to use the Instructional Practice Guide for observing and reflecting on instruction.

  • Recognize Aligned Assessment

    Resources for understanding what the Shifts look like in CCSS-aligned assessment, with examples of test questions to show what is different.

  • Understand Foundational Skills

    Learn how  phonological awareness and phonics connect to early reading through this 7-part mini-course. 

  • Understand the Shifts

    Resources for understanding the Shifts required by college- and career-ready standards.