A Story, A Story

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This African folk tale explains how many African tales came to be known as “Spider stories.” In this tale, Ananse, the Spider man, travels up to the sky to offer to buy Nyame, the Sky God’s, stories. Nyame asks Ananse to bring him Osebo the leopard-of-the-terrible-teeth, Mmboro the hornets-who-sting-like-fire, and Mmoatia the fairy-whom-men-never-see. Ananse agrees to the price but Nyame believes that Ananse is too small and weak to accomplish such a task. Ananse uses his intelligence and cunning to trick all three creatures. He returns to Nyame with payment for his stories. Nyame calls his court together to sing the praises of Ananse and declares his stories “Spider stories.” (McGraw-Hill Open Court, 2002)

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