Two Tickets to Freedom

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In this biography, a young couple, William and Ellen Craft, attempt to escape to freedom from slavery in Georgia. They disguise Ellen as a white man (“Mr. Johnson”) and William acts as “his” male slave, and they face several obstacles on their journey by train. but eventually arrive in Philadelphia, the first stop on the Underground Railroad. (McGraw-Hill Imagine It!, 2008)

This lesson was created as part of the Basal Alignment Project, during which teachers created CCSS-aligned lessons for existing literary and information texts in basal readers. All page numbers and unit/week designations found in this lesson relate to the edition of the basal reader named above. If you are using a trade book or different edition of this title, the page/unit/week references in this lesson will not match. Consult the content referenced in the body of the lesson to determine appropriate page numbers for your text.

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