• Fluency Resources

    The Fluency Resources collection helps to build and assess student fluency to improve reading comprehension. Each Fluency Packet provides 40+ passages – enough to use approximately 1 passage per week – to build student fluency throughout the academic year.

    Though fluency does not guarantee comprehension, lack of fluency guarantees students will not be able to comprehend text. Research has shown that fluency instruction can have significant and positive impact on word recognition, fluency, and comprehension across a range of grade levels.

    These resources emphasize key aspects of the college- and career-ready standards, including additional support for fluency, a critical Foundational Skill. Reading at an appropriate rate, with expression and accuracy based on text and purpose, will help ensure success with grade level complex text comprehension. The resources below explain how to regularly measure, practice, and develop reading fluency.

  • Identifying Readers Who Need Fluency Support

    This quick reference chart helps teachers identify readers who need fluency support, set goals, and track progress.

  • Making Fluency Practice Part of Regular Instruction

    The following articles feature fluency as a critical component of college- and career-ready literacy instruction.

    • ‘Both and’ Literacy Instruction K-5: A Proposed Paradigm Shift for the Common Core State Standards ELA Classroom

  • Highlighted Aspects of the Shifts

    All of the lessons presented on achievethecore.org are designed to highlight one or more aspects of the ELA/literacy Shifts. The Fluency Packets particularly emphasize:

    Complexity: Regular practice with complex text and its academic language
    Evidence: Reading, writing and speaking grounded in evidence from text, both literary and informational

    Learn more about the ELA/literacy Shifts.