Proportional Relationships Mini-assessment

Author: Student Achievement Partners

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This mini-assesment is designed to iilustrate the concepts in 7.RP.A, which sets an expectation for students to analyze proportional relationships and use them to solve real-world and mathematical problems. This mini-assessment is designed for teachers to use either in the classroom, for self learning, or in professional development settings to: 

  • Evaluate students’ understanding of 7.RP.A to prepare to teach this material or to check for student ability to demonstrate understanding and apply these concepts;
  • Gain knowledge about assessing conceptual understanding at the depth expected at grade 7; and
  • Illustrate CCSS-aligned assessment problems.

  • Making the Shifts

    How does this mini-assessment exemplify the instructional Shifts required by CCSSM?

    Focus Belongs to the major work of seventh grade
    Coherence Builds on understanding of rate concepts from grade 6 and uses rational numbers to support learning of 7.NS.A.

    Conceptual Understanding: primary in this mini-assessment

    Procedural Skill and Fluency: not targeted in this mini-assessment

    Application: secondary in this mini-assessment

  • Noteworthy features of this resource


    • Allows for students to recognize and describe proportional relationships involving the precise use of language (MP.6)
    • Continues the learning trajectory as students extend their understanding of quantity and strengthen their foundation for the study of functions

    As a mini-assessment:

    • Contains a variety of conceptual and application problems incorporating a range of complexity, ensuring all students are able to answer some questions or parts of some questions to demonstrate what they know and are able to do
    • Engages students with rich, real-world contexts
    • Allows the teacher to evaluate students on their understanding of 7.RP.A in order to prepare to teach 7.RP.A or to check student understanding after teaching 7.RP.A

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