• Learn more about the Coherence Map

    Standards relate to one another, both within and across grades. The Coherence Map is an interactive website that illustrates the coherent structure of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics K–High School. This site provides one representation of how the standards are connected to each other, and is derived from this wiring diagram.

    The resources below explain what Coherence means in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and how this tool can be used to support understanding and instructional planning.

  • How to use the Coherence Map

    Each of the standards is illustrated with tasks, lessons, and assessments, as well as excerpts from the progression documents. The Coherence Map and supporting resources can be used to:

    • Build student understanding by linking together concepts within and across grades.
    • Identify gaps in a student's knowledge by tracing a standard back through its logical pre-requisites.
    • Visualize and understand how supporting standards relate to the major work of the grade (K-8) and recognize widely applicable prerequisites (high school).
  • Understand Coherence

    Use the Coherence Activity: Uncovering Progressions and Themes  from the Deep Dive Into the Math Shifts Professional Development to support a stronger understanding of Coherence. 

    • The Importance of Coherence in Mathematics

      CCSS lead writer William McCallum explains the importance of connections within mathematics and the value of students understanding the structure and coherence of the subject. From the Hunt Institute. 5-min video.

Supplemental Resources