Multi-Domain Application Mini-Assessment

Author: Student Achievement Partners

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This mini-assessment illustrates important content spanning multiple domains in grade 5 and draws on problem solving capacities developed in grades K–4. This mini-assessment is designed for teachers to use either in the classroom, for self-learning, or in professional development settings to:

  • Evaluate students’ ability to solve real-world and mathematical problems with grade-appropriate content;
  • Gain knowledge about assessing applied problem solving at the depth expected at grade 5; and
  • Illustrate CCSS-aligned assessment problems.

  • Making the Shifts

    How does this mini-assessment exemplify the instructional Shifts required by CCSSM?

    Focus Belongs to the major work of fifth grade
    Coherence Addresses coherence across grades by drawing on the problem solving work of grades K-4 using the four operations.

    Conceptual Understanding: not targeted in this mini-assessment

    Procedural Skill and Fluency: not targeted in this mini-assessment

    Application: primary in this mini-assessment

  • Noteworthy features of this resource
    • Mathematically:
      • Highlights topics such as place value understanding, the four operations of fractions, and volume, in order to illustrate connections across domains.
      • Builds upon a problem solving learning trajectory built in grades K-4.
    • As a mini-assessment:
      • Allows the teacher to evaluate students on their skill with content from multiple domains.
      • Should be used toward the end of the year as a measure of the cumulative knowledge and skills from K-5.

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