Building Knowledge Through Close Reading (Domyancic)

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The instruction of this lesson centers on a close reading of a rich and rigorous nonfiction text about penguins. The teacher targets academic vocabulary creatively, and spends time on text features including the captions and genre. She incorporates kinesthetic and maps into her teaching, further deepening knowledge. Students discuss, annotate, defend their answers with evidence, and show increasing comprehension and understanding of the text as they read.  This lesson is a strong example of close reading at this grade level, and exhibits several examples of all three core actions.

Addresses ELA/Literacy Common Core State Standards: 2.RI.1, 2.RI.2, 2.RI.3, 2.RI.4, 2.RI.5, 2.RI.6, 2.RI.10, 2.SL.1, 2.SL.1.b, 2.SL.2 

This video was annotated using this version of the Instructional Practice Guide (IPG). A current version of the IPG is available here.