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    The Connecticut Core Advocates would like to see teachers in our state receive engaging and collegial professional development opportunities that increase their access to and use of high-quality resources and materials to improve student learning outcomes.

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    The Connecticut Core Advocates are a diverse group of teacher-leaders serving in public schools throughout Connecticut and working to advocate for standards-aligned instruction.  We represent rural, urban, and suburban school districts teaching in diverse content areas.  In addition to highly effective classroom teachers, many CT Core Advocates are instructional coaches and interventionists working to support both students and teachers with research-based best practices.  All CT Core Advocates work in a variety of ways to ensure the advancement of the teaching profession within our state.  We work collaboratively to identify, share, and apply effective instructional techniques and professional resources within an active, professional learning community.  CT Core Advocates remain engaged with other educators and the public regarding topics in public education through social media and/or the publication of op-eds and blog posts.  In addition, we contribute to various instructional improvement and assessment initiatives within our state.  The CT Core Advocates are a dedicated group of credible experts in our local school districts, and are frequently called upon to lend expertise to educational initiatives within our state and across the nation. 

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  • Core Advocates know

    ...that teachers are vital to creating sustainable change and evolving school communities that are working to support 21st century learners.  We understand the shifts in ELA/literacy and numeracy must be supported through meaningful and engaging professional learning opportunities where teachers are supported with the appropriate tools and resources that empower them to learn and evolve their individual teaching practices. We know that meaningful professional learning is shared between colleagues and cannot be replicated through a “top down” model. We understand that the shifts in ELA/literacy include regular practice with complex texts, accompanied by practice in reading, writing, and speaking.  Theses activities are grounded in text evidence derived from grade-appropriate and content-rich materials. Core Advocates know that the math shifts are focus, coherence, and rigor.  We understand that these shifts are essential to meaningful instructional change.

  • What We Do

    CT Core Advocates: 

    • Support educators with meaningful professional development opportunities to reflect on and develop their teaching practices in collaboration with colleagues.
    • Provide educators with high-quality tools and resources that can be used to improve learning outcomes for all students.
    • Offer educators the opportunity to become recognized teacher-leaders, through sponsoring opportunities to lead and share effective practices with other teachers and stakeholders within our state.

    Currently, CT Core Advocates are actively recruiting teacher-leaders from across the state to join us in this work.  We are seeking teachers who are interested in professional learning around helping students to successfully access complex texts and/or address mathematical learning gaps that prevent students from accessing appropriate grade level content.  We hope to assist teachers in enriching their own teaching practices, while encouraging them to lead efforts to shift instructional practices within their own local school communities to improve learning outcomes for all students.

  • Meet the CT Core Advocates Captain

    Connecticut Core Advocate Captain  -  Kevin Liner

    Kevin Liner is currently a Ph. D. candidate at the University of Connecticut with a focus in Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary Mathematics.  Kevin began his career at Capitol Region Education Council, first at the Metropolitan Learning Center as a high school math teacher and then as the district's Secondary Mathematics Curriculum Specialist.  More recently, Kevin has served as a Visiting Professor at Sacred Heart University and Adjunct Faculty member at the University of Connecticut’s Neag School of Education teaching various courses in education.  Now, in pursuit of his doctorate, Kevin supervises student teachers while continuing curriculum work with various districts around the state.  Kevin has presented his work at many conferences including NCSM, NCTM, Students Achievement Partners Core Advocates Conference, and the ATOMIC Conference.  Kevin’s passion for teaching and learning has even brought him as far as Rwanda, where he currently works with the Rwanda Teacher Education Program via the University of Hartford to help design and implement a national teacher training program.  In all he does, Kevin is guided by a personal passion for mathematics and a boundless desire to help students and teachers succeed.