Fluency Resources for Grade-Level Routines

Author: Student Achievement Partners

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“Fluency in each grade involves a mixture of just knowing some answers, knowing some answers from patterns (e.g., “adding 0 yields the same number”), and knowing some answers from the use of strategies. It is important to push sensitively and encouragingly toward fluency of the designated numbers at each grade level, recognizing that fluency will be a mixture of these kinds of thinking which may differ across students.” (CC/OA Progression, p. 18) 

These documents provide a set of short activities extracted from Engage NY and Illustrative Mathematics, two open education resources.  While initially created as a supplement to Go! Math, teachers who are using a variety of curricula have found these fluency resources helpful. The activities are designed to support students’ progress toward the grade-level numeracy and fluency articulated in college- and career-ready standards. They are intentionally short, providing educators the flexibility to use them before or after a lesson or anytime during the school day. The activities are intended to be used throughout the school year.

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