Problem Solving with Multiplication and Division ©

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About this Lesson

Two tasks in this lesson allow students to demonstrate their understanding of properties of multiplication and division. Both tasks allow students to work in groups in which they are expected to share their thinking. In the first task, the teacher differentiates by giving students various sets of numbers to work with within the context of the grade-level task. In the second task, the students all have the same problem, but they are given three different scenarios. Throughout the entire period, the teacher meets with each group of students and reflects on their thinking in order to check for understanding.

This video shows a real-life classroom, with all the real-life challenges and successes found in daily interactions between students and teachers. It has been selected because it includes illustrations of the Core Actions and Indicators embedded in the day-to-day work happening in schools, and so it offers opportunities to practice using and norming expectations around the Instructional Practice Guide: Coaching Tool. Learn more about this video and others in the collection.

Instructional Practice Toolkit

We recommend watching this lesson in the context of using the Instructional Practice Toolkit, a professional learning module designed to support understanding of planning and instruction aligned to college- and career-ready  (CCR) standards.  Included with the lesson video, lesson plan, student work, and teacher interview are the activity templates from the Instructional Practice Toolkit. 

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