• NV Core Advocates

    If you would like to participate in this work, please consider:

    • Requesting information by emailing us at  nvcoreadvocates@studentsachieve.net.
    • Joining a webinar with the National Core Advocates
    • Taking the Core Advocates survey to engage in the state and national level of Core Advocates work
    • Following Nevada Core Advocates on Twitter @nvcoreadvocates
  • Who are Nevada Core Advocates

    Nevada Core Advocates is a network of educators from across the state who are passionate about the Shifts and our Nevada Academic Content Standards.   We are committed to providing the highest quality education for our students and building teacher capacity around the Shifts.  Our network believes that high academic standards are necessary to ensure that all Nevada students are college- and career-ready.  

    We are part of the broader multi-state Core Advocate Network supported by Student Achievement Partners, a national nonprofit made up of educators that share these key principles: 

    • Believe in the potential of high quality standards grounded in evidence to prepare all students for college and careers;
    • Understand and embrace the Shifts in instruction and assessment required by the Common Core;
    • Are eager to support their colleagues and communities in understanding and translating the shifts into instructional practice
  • Campaigns

    Building Teacher Capacity:  Leveraging the Standards for Greater Student Impact

    ELA Challenge:  Students have difficulty accessing complex text.

    ELA Campaign Focus -  Teachers, K-3,  will use a critical eye to examine how existing resources build foundational skills (phonics/word recognition, phonemic awareness, fluency, phonological awareness). Strong foundational skills help ensure that all students can access complex text.  The focus also addresses our state's Read By 3 initiative in supporting teachers' systematic Foundational Skills instruction, which will help ensure that which will help ensure that all students are showing adequate progress.

     Math Challenge:  Students lack opportunity to engage in quality math tasks.

    Math Campaign Focus - Teachers, grades 3-8, will gain the knowledge and skills to recognize, develop, and implement quality tasks that promote conceptual understanding. 

    Our vision is to bring over 80 educators together, in catalyst teams,  from across the state for a 2-day convening in Reno on June 3 & 4, 2017.  The catalyst teams will attend the convening and then take the campaign back to their schools through year-long PD, resulting in a powerful school-wide impact.  Throughout the course of the year, catalysts will be supported with virtual follow-up meetings and connections with our leadership team.  

    We hope that you will apply to join us as a catalyst by taking the Core Advocate survey as soon as possible.

  • Nevada Core Advocates Know...

    That meaningful professional learning is shared between colleagues and can’t be replicated through a top down model.

    We understand that the ELA shifts are regular practice with complex text; reading, writing and speaking grounded in evidence from the text; and building knowledge through content-rich text. Core Advocates know that the math shifts are focus, coherence and rigor. Core Advocates know that  these shifts are essential to meaningful instructional change. 

    Nevada has very active Core Advocates engaged in work in their schools, across their districts, the state of Nevada, and nationwide.  Some examples of involvement:

    • Instructional Coaches                                                                                    
    • UnboundEd Presenters
    • EdReports director/reviewers - ELA/Math
    • Achieve content writers
    • Core Knowledge Teachers
    • University of Nevada Instructors
    • ESSA Advisory Committee Members
    • Text Set Writers
    • Learnzillion Writers
    • TeachNVACS Founders
    • National Board Certified Teachers
    • Nevada Ready Ambassadors
    • Core Task Project Creators/Participants 
    • TNTP - The New Teacher Project Coaches/Directors
  • Meet the Captain

    Donna has her M.Ed. and is currently a National Board Candidate.  Her first and foremost job is teaching 2nd grade students in Reno, NV.  She also serves on the NV State ESSA Advisory Committee and the ESSA Teacher Leader Work Group.  She has worked for her District on the Math Leadership Team and is a Family Literacy presenter for WCSD.  Donna has worked as a reviewer for EdReports, written math units for Achieve, and worked with SAP on the Lesson Planning Tool and the Nevada Text Set Project.  Donna is passionate about supporting teachers in their efforts to provide highly aligned instruction to all students.