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Prior to this lesson, students have read and annotated four different texts about sources of income for the state of Nevada: “The Ten States that Profit most from Sin,” Huffington Post, 2011; “With Gambling in Decline, a Faded Reno Tries to Reinvent Itself,” New York Times, 2012; “10 States that Profit Most from Sin,” Huffington Post, 2014; and “Nevada Best List,” Reno Gazette Journal, 2014. The focus of this lesson is a student-led socratic seminar during which students discuss a series of text-dependent questions, using evidence from the text to support various claims and reasons. Strong examples of Core Actions 1, 2, and 3 are found within this lesson. 

This lesson addresses standards: 6-8 RH.1, 6-8 RH.4, 6-8 RH.8

This video was annotated using this Instructional Practice Guide (IPG).


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