Multiple Meaning Words (Brooks)©

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This lesson integrates multiple standards to facilitate students' understanding of multiple meaning words. The lesson is carefully sequenced, providing scaffolding through direct instruction, heterogeneous groups, and a variety of media and source material. Throughout the lesson the teacher conducts informal formative checks to monitor students' progress with their understanding of multiple meaning words.  Examples of Core Actions 1, both reading and foundational skills, as well as Core Action 3 are exhibited in this lesson.

This lesson addresses standards:K.L.4, K.RF.1, K.RF.1.b, K.RF.2.b, K.RF.4, K.RI.1, K.RI.4, K.RI.5, K.RI.7, K.RI.10, K.SL.1, K.SL.2K.W.2

The video is annotated using the Instructional Practice Guide: Coaching Tool.


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