Adios Oscar! A Butterfly Fable with Companion Text Set

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One sunny day Oscar the Caterpillar meets Bob the Monarch Butterfly.  Bob tells Oscar that one day he, too, will have wings!  Oscar tells his friends that one day he will be a butterfly and will ride the wind to Mexico just like Bob.  Oscar’s friends tell him this is not true, butterflies lie.  A discouraged Oscar then meets Edna, an encouraging bookworm, who suggests Oscar go to the library and do some research.  Oscar learns that, indeed, there are butterflies that fly to Mexico.  So, he now knows he will one day be a butterfly.  He and Edna prepare him for his trip by learning to speak Spanish.  The time has finally come for Oscar to take his “caterpillar nap”.  But when he awakens, he isn’t a beautiful butterfly; he’s a MOTH!  According to his friends, Oscar is destined to live the life of a moth and will never see Mexico.  But, again, with an encouraging word from Edna, Oscar decides he will be more than a moth, follow his dreams, and head to Mexico anyway.

Students will listen to an illustrated fable read aloud and use literacy skills (reading, writing, discussion, and listening) to understand the central message of the story.

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