The Wizard of Oz with Companion Text Set

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A little girl, Dorothy, and her dog, Toto, are carried to a magical place called the Land of Oz by a cyclone. On her quest to find her way back home to Kansas, Dorothy befriends a Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, and a Tin Woodsman. They each join her, in order to visit the Wizard of Oz, who is said to have magical powers to grant any wish. The Scarecrow wants a brain. The Lion wants courage, and the Tin Man wants a heart. Once they find the Wizard, he sends them on a very dangerous assignment before he will grant their wishes. They encounter many perils before completing their task of destroying the one remaining wicked witch in Oz. Once they destroy the witch and return to the wizard, they find he is an imposter, but he still helps them achieve their goals. He has to send Dorothy and Toto to a true witch to help her get home, so more adventures ensue before they return to Kansas. The story ends where it began: on a farm in Kansas, where Dorothy’s Aunt Em lovingly greets her niece when she returns.

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