Wonders Materials Adaptation Project

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The 2017 Wonders Material Adaptation Project (MAP) provides guidance for streamlining the 2017 Wonders literacy program in grades K-6. The recommended adaptations elevate the best Wonders materials while supporting additional modifications for college- and career-ready instruction. Each grade level’s MAP contains an introductory overview, Week at a Glance (WAG) Planning Template and specific Rules of Thumb for handling all instructional components of Wonders.

The Foundational Skills Guidance Documents offer concrete definitions and examples of the most pressing foundational content taught to kindergarten and first grade students, with a focus on phonemic awareness and structured phonics.  They include suggestions for implementation, guidelines for assessment, and enhancements that can work as a complement to the resources included in Wonders

Note: While the vast majority of elements in Wonders 2017/California Wonders remain unchanged, there are several key differences that should be considered when using the MAP guidance with the Reading Wonders 2014 version. Learn more about those considerations in the  2014 MAP Addendum