Comparing Numbers between 1 and 10

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About this Lesson

In this lesson, the teacher uses the enVision 2.0 guidance documents to focus on an anchor task aligned to K.CC.C.7. Students use the terms greater and fewer as they work to investigate numbers between 1 and 10. They begin with a game called “Guess my Number,” move to a Solve and Share activity, and then continue to centers where the video stays with the teacher while he works with one small group.  The lesson ends with a student-led summary.

This video shows a real-life classroom, with all the real-life challenges and successes found in daily interactions between students and teachers. It has been selected because it includes illustrations of the Core Actions and Indicators embedded in the day-to-day work happening in schools, and so it offers opportunities to practice using and norming expectations around the Instructional Practice Guide. 

Instructional Practice Toolkit

We recommend watching this lesson in the context of using the Instructional Practice Toolkit, a professional learning module designed to support understanding of planning and instruction aligned to college- and career-ready  (CCR) standards.  Included with the lesson video are the activity templates from the Instructional Practice Toolkit. 

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