Summer Reading Club 2020

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It’s time for our annual Summer Reading Challenge! If you’re looking for a quick way to add new resources and ideas to your teacher toolbox, this reading list is for you.

Connect with Other Readers

Take your summer learning a step further by joining the discussion on Twitter. Use #CoreAdvocates and #SummerReading to share your favorite line from each article you read. Check the hashtag throughout the summer to see others’ favorites and discuss what you’re reading. In addition, we're launching a new Facebook group to discuss the summer readings, too. Click here to join and participate! This is a great way to add new colleagues to your virtual teacher network!

Remote Learning

  1. Top 5 Resources for Learning Online
  2. 5 Ideas to Engage K-2 Students in Math Remotely
  3. Class and Family Book Tasting During Distance Learning
  4. Distance Learning with Intention and Purpose
  5. 3 Recommendations for Supporting Early Elementary Students Remotely


  1. Most Misunderstood Math Standards Series (choose any article or read the whole series!)
  2. Are We Teaching Fractions Correctly?
  3. Math Instructional Routines: Creating Opportunities for Students With Disabilities to Grapple with Grade-Level Math
  4. Desmos in the Math Classroom
  5. Mistakes Tell Us What Students Are Ready to Learn


  1. Planning the Small Group Reading Lesson
  2. Robust Vocabulary Instruction
  3. What Makes a High-Quality Diverse Text and How to Get These Texts Into Your Classroom
  4. Finding the Courage to Teach Texts Outside Your Comfort Zone
  5. For the Love of Learning

Professional Learning

  1. Coaching through the COVID-19 Crisis
  2. Professional Learning is Personal
  3. Not Your Mom’s Professional Development
  4. Creating a Model Process for Hands-On Professional Learning
  5. Digital Coaching Menus Bring the Professional Learning Principles to Life