Environmental Racism and Civic Engagement

Author: Kristen Peeples

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This grade 11-12 culturally relevant text set focuses on encouraging students to be change agents in addressing structural racism and the environmental injustice it fuels. While designed for grades 11-12, you may choose to adapt it for different grade levels. Please consider leaving feedback on this resource using the “Send Feedback” button at the bottom of the page.   

Details about this culturally relevant text set: 

  • Grade Level Recommendation: 11-12
  • Key Focus Areas for Design: Current Events, Identity, Social Justice      
  • Topic: Focused on awareness and civic engagement and aims to empower students to consider what a better future looks like and in what ways individuals can be agents of change in their own communities and society-at-large. 
  • Curriculum Connection:  This text set can be done as is but is suggested as a companion resource for Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower.
  • Context/rationale/reflections: Resources are selected to pair with Parable of the Sower’s content and to enhance students’ understandings of the author’s perspective, the sociopolitical climate when the text was written, and connections to today.