Core Knowledge Language Arts Adaptation Packs

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Expanding Perspectives in K-5 Core Knowledge Language Arts

Current instructional materials often lack inclusive representation and diverse texts and topics to ensure equitable learning experiences for students. Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) Adaptation Packs are designed to elevate a range of cultures and multiple perspectives that invite students to engage in critical thinking, discussion, and reflection. Use these ready-to-use resources in your own classroom or as a model and profession learning resource in your role supporting teachers.

Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) Adaptation Packs are designed to increase representation and opportunities for students’ critical thinking, discussion, and reflection. 

Each grade level’s pack focuses on one CKLA unit and includes: 

  • Analysis of the perspectives included the CKLA unit as-written 
  • Prompts for reflection and critical thinking
  • Replacement or supplemental images for CKLA Flip Book (K-3) or Student Reader (4-5) 
  • One text set (strategically grouped text and media resources) to expand representation in the unit, including lightweight student tasks
  • One image set (collection of art and photography) to expand visual media representation
  • “At-A-Glance” suggested scope and sequence of adaptations within the unit 

Note: The unit analysis in CKLA Adaptation Packs focuses on the Core Knowledge Foundation open source version. The Amplify version of CKLA includes units on the same topics as those included in the CKLA Adaptation Packs, though not all text and unit analyses may be directly applicable.