David Liben



The work I do: Currently I work as an independent consultant with states, districts, and schools in curriculum and professional development. With my wife, Meredith Liben, I wrote a book on foundational skills development published in 2019 and we are currently working on a more general book addressing educational reform efforts.

In the past, I have taught in public and private schools grades 5 to 9 and as an independent literacy consultant grades K-12.

With my wife Meredith, I started two model schools in Harlem.

I have also taught psychology and history classes at the Community College of Vermont.

My connection to the work of Student Achievement Partners: My work has always been devoted to growing all student’s intellectual and academic ability in order to provide them with as many choices in their lives as possible. I feel this fits with the work SAP has done for years and continues to do.

The perspective I bring: I have raised achievement levels in the schools I ran as well as those I worked with around the country. This success comes from experience with schools and students in a variety of settings but also from an intimate knowledge of the science of reading. This combination is especially important in helping students historically on the margins of our system.