Adrienne Williams



Affirming Spaces Matter for Teachers Too (NCTQ blog)

What I Work On: In my role as a Director, I collaborate with and support amazing colleagues to design creative, equity-focused resources for educators to utilize in their classrooms and schools. Together, we serve the education community to improve instruction and cultivate equitable classroom practices. My primary area is literacy education.

Why I Work Here: My connection to SAP began when I first entered the classroom back in 2010 and the standards had just been published. First as a teacher soaking up learning and resources, to becoming a Core Advocate, and now as a Director, I’ve come full circle. In that ten-year journey, SAP has been a source of information, support, and care as it relates to instruction and their focus on Black students and English Language Learners resonates with my personal passion for education. I believe education can be a catalyst that unlocks the genius in all students and am grateful to be part of a team that aims to make that a reality.

My Education and Experience: Prior to joining Student Achievement Partners, I've worked as a first and third grade teacher as well as a curriculum manager in Washington, DC. I hold a BA in International Affairs from George Washington University and MA in Elementary and Special Education from Lesley University. My path into education was through Urban Teachers' 4-year alternative certification program. Over the 12 years I've been in education I've been fortunate to work on projects at the classroom, school, district, and state level across the country and hone my expertise in literacy, culturally relevant practices, change management, content design, teacher leadership, and professional learning.

More About Me: I was born and raised in Syracuse, NY but currently reside in Maryland with my husband. I love reading and spending time outdoors by the water or in the mountains.

A Quote That Inspires Me: “To teach in a manner that respects and cares for the souls of our students is essential if we are to provide the necessary conditions where learning can most deeply and intimately begin.” -bell hooks

Notable Contributions on Achieve the Core: