HAC: Autobiography

Author: Adrienne Williams

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This task is intended to support the tenets of identity, literacy, and community by creating an opportunity for both the teacher(s) and students to explore, research, and ultimately present to the class a short autobiography about themselves.

The task consists of three main phases:

  • Explore: Students engage in Facing History’s Identity & Storytelling text set. Their work during this portion can and should contribute to the creation of their autobiography. 
  • Research: Students learn and use research practices and strategies to highlight and deepen their understanding of themselves in relation to specific focus areas: Place, Family & Culture, News & Events, Learner Self/Reader Self, All About You, and Interest & Hobbies. This part of the autobiography task is meant to be driven by student choice within those focus areas.
  • Present: Students present their autobiographies to the class. It is expected that all students participate, though the format of their presentation will vary depending on how they decide to express their work. Students may choose from a menu of options for presenting or come up with their own idea.