Susan Pimentel

One of the nation’s top K-12 literacy experts, Susan Pimentel is best known for her work leading the development of some of the nation’s most highly regarded college-and career-ready standards in English language arts/literacy. Widely respected for her success at facilitating complex conversations around standards and their implementation, Susan has a deep commitment to producing high-quality results characterized by stakeholder buy-in and has a gift for making this happen.

A founding partner of Student Achievement Partners, Susan now works tirelessly to support curriculum, assessment, and professional development efforts to ensure full implementation of rigorous standards. As co-founder of StandardsWork, she has led many of the organization’s most significant projects, perhaps most importantly as the chief architect of the American Diploma Project benchmarks, precursors to many of today’s college-and career-ready standards.

For over a decade, Susan has been a lead consultant, content developer, coach, and trainer for seminal federal adult education initiatives, including the Adult Education Content Standards Project: Standards-in-Action that led to the current StandardsWork project, Implementing State-Adopted Challenging Content Standards.