Multi-Step Problems Using the Four Operations Mini-Assessment

Author: Student Achievement Partners

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This mini-assessment is designed to illustrate the standard 4.OA.A.3, which sets an expectation for students to solve multistep word problems using the four operations. This mini-assessment is designed for teachers to use either in the classroom, for self-learning, or in professional development settings to:

  • Evaluate students' understanding of 4.OA.A.3 in order to prepare to teach this material or to check for student ability to demonstrate understanding and to apply these concepts;
  • Gain knowledge about assessing applied problem solving at the depth expected at grade 4; and
  • Illustrate CCSS-aligned assessment problems.

  • Making the Shifts

    How does this mini-assessment exemplify the instructional Shifts required by CCSSM?

    Focus Belongs to the major work of fourth grade
    Coherence Completes the learning of problem solving skills using the four operations that began in kindergarten; Sets the stage for solving multistep problems posed with fractions, decimals, and other rational numbers

    Conceptual Understanding: not targeted in this mini-assessment

    Procedural Skill and Fluency: not targeted in this mini-assessment

    Application: primary in this mini-assessment

  • Noteworthy features of this resource
    • Mathematically:
      • Assesses different types of application problems with appropriate sophistication to grade 4
      • Requires students to represent situations with an equation using a given variable and interpret the meaning of a remainder
      • Showcases how supporting work (e.g., 4.MD.A.1) reinforces the major work of the grade
    • As a mini-assessment:
      • Incorporates a range of complexity, ensuring all students are able to answer some questions or parts of some questions to demonstrate what they know and are able to do
      • Offers analysis of common student errors and justification for closely reviewing student solution strategies
      • Engages students with rich, real-world contexts

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