ELA/Literacy Instructional Practice Guide: Coaching Tool

Author: Student Achievement Partners

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Overview: The Introduction to the Instructional Practice Guide for ELA / Literacy Module focuses on the Instructional Practice Guide: Coaching Tool as a resource for observation and reflection. The Instructional Practice Guide: Coaching tool is for teachers, and those who support teachers, to build understanding and experience with Common Core State Standards (CCSS)-aligned instruction. The module also includes a review of the three instructional Shifts in ELA/Literacy. Within the module, there are activities and discussions based on the Core Actions that will prepare participants to use the Instructional Practice Guide.

Objectives of this Module:

  • Understand the relationship between the instructional Shifts and the ELA / Literacy Instructional Practice Guide: Coaching
  • Identify teacher and student actions that may be present in Common Core-aligned lessons according to the Instructional Practice Guide
  • Observe and reflect on the alignment of a lesson using the Instructional Practice Guide

How to Get Started: You are encouraged to customize any or all portions of this module to meet your needs or the needs of your audience if you are facilitating this module for professional development. 

All times are suggested and can be expanded to incorporate more discussion as needed. Any portions of this module may be modified, reproduced, and disseminated without prior permission.

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