Introduction to the ELA / Literacy Instructional Practice Guide

Author: Student Achievement Partners

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Overview: The Introduction to the ELA/Literacy Instructional Practice Guide module focuses on the Instructional Practice Guide as a tool for observation and reflection. The Instructional Practice Guide is for teachers, and those who support teachers, to build understanding and experience with instruction aligned to college- and career-ready (CCR) standards, including the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The module also includes a review of the three instructional Shifts in ELA/literacy. Within the module, there are activities and discussions based on the Core Actions that will prepare participants to use the Instructional Practice Guide.

 Objectives of this Module

  • Understand the relationship between the instructional Shifts and the ELA/Literacy Instructional Practice Guide.
  • Identify teacher and student actions that may be present in CCR-aligned lessons according to the Instructional Practice Guide.
  • Observe and reflect on the alignment of a lesson using the Instructional Practice Guide.

How to Get Started:  Be sure to read the User's Guide document in its entirety first. You are encouraged to customize any or all portions of this module to meet your needs. 

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