• Common Core Knowledge and Practice Survey

    The Common Core Knowledge and Practice Survey is a tool for educators to reflect on their understanding of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in materials and practice. Designed for use in a professional learning community (PLC) setting within a school, the survey is meant to spark conversation, identify areas for growth, and offer concrete ways for teams of teachers to continue to align their practice to the Shifts.   

  • About the Survey

    The Common Core Knowledge and Practice Survey (Survey) is designed to take 25-30 minutes and includes a variety of question types that ask about participants’ understanding of different aspects of the Shifts – as they appear in instructional materials and in classroom practice. 

  • Print the Survey

    Surveys are available across subjects and grade bands.  Please note that these are slightly different from the previously available online versions, as some of the introductory demographic information is no longer requested.

  • Answer Key and Commentary

    The Survey was intentionally designed to take no more than 30 minutes. As a result, there are a limited number of questions pertaining to each aspect of the Shifts. When considering the performance of an individual or group on a Shift, it is important to look closely at the questions to tease out which aspect(s) of the Shift may be creating confusion.

    This resource is broken into two parts - an Answer Key & Commentary followed by a Shifts Summary, which includes discussion questions and recommended resources.  Note that this resource will vary slightly from the previously available online survey, as there are introductory questions that are no longer required in the print version of the survey.